Product Name: Special green material nickel free cupronickel wire for clothing

Product Application: They are widely used in clothing accessories, zipper, glasses frame, and toy.

Product Introduction:
Nickel free cupronickel wire is new type green material with bright silver-colored surface. It contains copper, manganese, zinc without nickel. It avoids skin allergy caused by the clothing, toy, which contains nickel.
Number Temper Specification Tolerance
GM408 round wire 2.0锝6.0 卤0.02
flat wire 0.5锝6.0脳0.5锝6.0 卤0.05
Note: The ratio of thickness and width of flat wire is not greater than 7.0. We can supply other specification and tolerance of wire according to two sides' agreement.
All the specification is subject to change without prior notice.
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