Brass plate and strip
Product name GB Foreign standard Specification(mm) Feature and usage
ISO US Japan UK Germany
Brass plate and strip H 90 CuZn10 C22000 C2200 CZ101 CuZn10 plate: thickness 0.5-3.0mm width 610(max) length 2500(max) strip: thickness 0.15-3.0mm width 610(max) good ductibility, deep-drawing, plating. Applied in building, decoration, automobile radiator, connector for electrical appliance, music instrument and etc..
H 70 CuZn30 C26000 C2600 CZ106 CuZn30
H 68          
H 65 CuZn35 C26800 C2680 CZ107 CuZn36
H 62          
Alloy No. Temper Thickness(mm) Tensile strength(Mpa) Elongation(%) HV Chinese standard
H 90 M 鈮0.3 鈮245 鈮35 --- GB/T2059-2000
Y2 330锝440 鈮5
Y 鈮390 鈮3
H 70
H 68
H 65
M 鈮0.3 鈮290 鈮40 ---
Y4 325锝410 鈮35 75锝125
Y2 340锝460 鈮25 85锝145
Y 390锝530 鈮13 105锝175
T 鈮490 鈮4 鈮145
H 62 M 鈮0.3 鈮290 鈮35 ---
Y2 350锝470 鈮20 85锝145
Y 410锝630 鈮10 105锝175
T 鈮585 鈮2.5 鈮145

1. We can supply the plate and strip comply with JIS銆丄STM銆丏IN銆丅S銆両SO standard according to customer鈥檚 requirement.

2. The detailed specification and tolerance of copper product are subject to the contract.

brass strip (H62,H65,H68,H80)

coil weight: max 3tons/coil

ID of coil:150銆250銆300銆500mm

temper: hard, half hard, soft

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