copper foil for PCB
type, specification, appearance and usage of surface treated copper foil:
Type Area weight Width mm Coil weight Kg Appearance Usage
g/m2 oz/ft2
CFEC 153/230/305/435/610 0.5/0.75/1/1.4/2 500~1295 50~350 pink roughening surface for varied paper based, glass fiber ccl
CFEZ gray roughening surface
chemical and physical property of copper foil:
Specification Tolerance Copper content % Resistivity 惟. g/m2 Max resistivity m惟 Tensile strength MPa(N/mm2) Elongation锛 High temperature resistance
Area weight g/m2 Thickness 渭m Weight 锛 STD-E HD-E STD-E HD-E  
153 18 卤5 鈮99.8 鈮0.1640 7.0 鈮205 鈮103 鈮2 鈮5 The surface of copper foil don鈥檛 change color, under 200鈩 inside oven for 60 minutes
230 25 5.5 鈮235 鈮156 鈮2.5 鈮7.5
305 35 鈮0.1620 3.5 鈮275 鈮205 鈮3 鈮10
435 50 2.5 鈮275 鈮205 鈮3 鈮10
610 70 1.75 鈮275 鈮205 鈮3 鈮15
Note:STD-E represents standard electrodeposited copper foil, HD-E represents high drawing copper foil.
If it need special requirement of specification or property (e.g. foil for battery or cable ) we can supply after negotiations.

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