copper foil for li-lon battery
We can supply copper foil for li-lon battery with 0.008~0.007mm thickness for different size, or we can design and produce special size of product according to customer's requirement.
Product name Thickness(mm) Area weight(g/m2) Tensile strength(Kg/cm2) Elongation %
single side foil 0.008 76卤4 鈮20 鈮1.5
single side foil 0.010 85卤4 鈮20 鈮1.5
single, double side foil 0.012 103卤5 鈮20 鈮2.0
single, double side foil 0.018 139卤8 鈮25 鈮2.0
single side foil 0.032 275卤10 鈮27.5 鈮3.0
single side foil 0.070 610卤15 鈮27.5 鈮3.0
Note: The copper content of above product is more than 99.80%. width :50~1200mm.

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