Product catalog
Copper strip Bronze plate and strip Brass plate and strip Copper plate and strip
Nickel silver plate and strip    
Copper bar Drawn brass rod Ground brass rod Knurl rod
Extruded brass rod Free cutting brass rod Drawn leaded brass rod for exporting
Bronze rod Hot forging free cutting lead brass rod Brass rod for tyre valve
Nickel free cupronickel wire Brass wire Nickel silver wire
Bronze wire Copper wire Shaped wire for spectacles' frame
Flat and shaped brass wire Oxygen-free round copper wire  
Copper tube Copper tube Brass tube Bronze tube
Nickel silver tube    
Copper foil Copper foil for PCB Copper foil for li-lon battery  
Semiconductor Germanium dioxide Germanium tetrachloride Bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesguixide
High purity In. Sn. Pb. Sb Monocrystalline silicon Czochralski silicon
Monocrystalline silicon float zoned    
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